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Why use our Services?

Landlords with units managed by Better Homes will attract tenants willing to pay a higher premium as they are assured a more consistent income. Our services below demonstrate how our landlords maximise their return on financial investment in their properties through:

Management experience

Over 23 years professionally managing properties across the UAE.

Expert marketing

By advertising unit vacancies and both screening and sourcing new tenants.

Rental market analysis

Using in-house data analysis to provide landlords with the latest achievable market rental rates while maximising occupancy.

Tenant management and rent collection

Involving unit supervision to oversee subletting or damage, tenant activity records inclusive of communication with management, tenant relationship management and efficient rent collection.

Pre-handover and routine inspections

Through extensive inspection reports on the check-in/check-out process to maintain unit condition.

Dispute resolution

By intervening as a neutral party offering solutions for landlord and tenant issues.

Repairs and maintenance

Assure that all assets that are handed over, including all keys, will be accounted for. This should be done with an inventory list signed by both parties.

Dedicated property supervision

Offering comprehensive support to landlords and tenants on day to day management issues, repairs, maintenance and transfer of utilities.

Lease renewal

Ensuring leases are renewed in line with UAE rental laws and regulations.


Via a dedicated in-house call centre open 7 days a week.


Financial reports are sent on a quarterly basis to landlords.

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